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Smoke DZA – Rugby Thompson (Album)

Harlem rapper Smoke DZA presents “Rugby Thompson,” a new album produced by Harry Fraud. Featuring Action Bronson, Curren$y, Sean Price, Schoolboy Q, A$AP Twelvyy, & more.


Smoke DZA f. Curren$y – Baleedat

Smoke DZA lets loose the last leak from his upcoming June 19th release of Rugby Thomspon. Jet Life!

Smoke DZA – Rugby Thompson (Album Review)

01. Rugby Thompson – A nice slick intro into Rugby Thomspon for Smoke DZA. Over a soulful and powerful beat from Harry Fraud. Smoke DZA spits about reaching the top of the game being the KushedGod like h is not looking back at the people on his coat tails.

02. New Jack – With that New Jack intro from Wesley Snipes. Riiiiight. Smoke DZA goes in over some drum kicks and rips it up. That 2nd verse where he spits double time, could be one of my favorite parts of this whole time. Smoke DZA displays his dominance and power he is gaining in the rap game today, as he is one of the hottest things coming up out of the game.

03. Baleedat f. Curren$y – The jet Life mentor and protege Spitta and The KushedGod. Spitta comes on in he 2nd verse and spits with the heart like he had on The Stoned Immaculate. Smoke DZA holds down the chorus on here and spits some baleedat shit and makes them ladiws believe him. At the 2:41 mark of the song the cut goes into a Bollywood sound and speeds it up for the last 17 seconds of the song.

04. Playground Legend – one thing you will notice of Smoke DZA’s cut is that his songs hover around the 3:00 mark. Anyways this song goes out to all the playground legends out there, that are those myths in the neighborhood’s but never made it to that next level of being the superstar that everyone set you up to be. That flute at the en of the song is pretty damn dope too.

05. Ashtray f. Domo Genesis & ScHoolboy Q – Stoners Anthem? Definitely quite possibly. Released as the 3rd single for this album about 2 weeks ago. Smoke, Q, and Domo all rap about the encounters with the fashionable drug weed and how they do with it. Smoke DZA comes with a solid verse and his last 8 bars are really quite good. Now Domo comes on the 2nd verse and I’ve never really felt Domo before but the verse is pretty chill bragging about his recent OF Tape. ScHoolboy Q is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now and goes hard on the beat like he always does, got that Hands On The Wheel flow going on for him.

06. F*ck Ya Mother f. Sean Price – Sean Price holds down the 1st verse coming hard on the beat raping about being harder than the other guys at his level and stealing the ladies from you and your homies. After a brief phone call background vocal Smoke DZA spits about the fake dudes in the homies in the hood running there mouth but don’t really stack up like they say they do. “You a peeon, you should get Pee’d on, R Kelly Style” Smoke DZA says to close out the cut.

07. Game 7 f. A$AP Twelvyy – This isn’t the first time Smoke DZA has hooked up with the A$AP Mob. This time he gets the 3rd man in charge of the crew Twelvy. Starts off with “First of the month/back straight/kicks is new/rent is late” then bust into Trap Hard, Trap Hard, Trap Hard, representing that even though they are struggling to get that money they are gonna go out on a daily and get the money that they need to get by selling Molly, X, and Weed. Twelvyy does his thing on the Harry Fraud production and provides a pretty dope verse to seal the song up.

08. Kenny Powers – Another one of my favorites cuts from Rugby Thompson. The track dedicated to Danny McBride’s character Kenny Powers., Smoke DZA rips up an eery beat from Harry Fraud. Smoke DZA comes precise on the verses and definitely does his thing. The hook is average but still the cut is dope none the less.

09. Turnbuckle Music f. Action Bronson – This is one of my favorite cuts on here also Action Bronson, Bronsonolini does his thin and is a shining part of New York rap right now along with Smoke DZA. The dude sounds exactly like Ghostface Killah it’s uncanny. Smoke and Bronson trade verses at the beginning and then they trade almost bar for bar about half way through the song, which was real chill. The beat was also doing it for me and got be bobbing my head like a true G, it’s been a while since that has happened. Action Bronson also may have the verse of the album here with verse 3, shit was really slick.

10. Rivermonts – Smoke DZA gives his day to day life here living on the block slanging that shit. One of those fillers that he had on the tape, but still a solid record.

11. Lo Horsemen f. NYM LO, Meyhem Lauren & Thirstin Howl III – The on beat I do not like from Harry Fraud, just to much electric guitar. Just not feeling it, :kanyeshrug:. DZA grabs some of the homies from New York to rap on one of the closing cuts to help give them support on their upcoming project and to get their names out there. Smoke DZA defiitiely does his thing on this track though.

12. The Prelude To Judgement Day – The closing track to Smoke DZA’s Rugby Thompson, probably has the one of the hardest verses from the Kushed God on the whole album. After the 1st verse it’s broken up with a sample of Christopher Walken, as metaphorically speaking of the king of the Jungle the lion praying on the victims below him. Smoke DZA compares himself to being the King of the Jungle and basically comes out and says he is the new leader of the NY rap scene.

OVERALL: Solid ass album, and overall had a lot more better tracks than I have ever heard on a Smoke DZA project before. That’s why I give it a 75/100

Smoke DZA f. Curren$y, Asher Roth & Devin The Dude [Remastered] – Marley & Me (rmx)

DZA’s Substance Abuse mixtape was remastered by Nature Sounds with six bonus tracks added, and is now available on iTunes.

Rob I.E. f. Chevy Woods & Smoke DZA – Twisting Facts (Prod. Harry Fraud)

Rob I.E. gets two of the biggest weed heads in the game today to twist up with him. Harry Fraud behind the boards.
Download Rob I.E. f. Chevy Woods & Smoke DZA – Twisting Facts (Prod. Harry Fraud)

Juicy J, Smoke DZA, And Joey BadA$$ To Go On Tour

No stop in Oregon what a shame to be honest, would love to see these guys rock the stage together.

Smoke DZA f. Domo Genesis & ScHoolboy Q – Ashtray

1st Waka dropped a new cut from his album and now Smoke DZA drops a new single which features some pretty heavy names on it.