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MMG – Self Made Vol. 2 (Album Review)

1. Power Circle – Gunplay, Stalley, Wale & Meek Mill f. Rick Ross & Kendrick Lamar
2. Black Magic – Meek Mill f. Rick Ross – Well gear it back up again Meek Mill and Rick Ross try to rekindle the magic of last years I’ma Boss and make it again for the 2012 year. ONe thing I have obviously noticed from last years Self Made 1 to Self Made 2 is Meek Mill’s vastly growth as an artist and how much he has gotten better, last year I never wanted to hear a verse from him but now he ain’t too bad. Ross is on the cut with a line that says “poof hundred mill, David Copperfield” which shows why the song is titled Black Magic making things disappear in front of your eyes. The verses are held down by Meek Mill and spits faster than his normal self and keeps the energy up on the joint and things are a blast and a banger.

3. This Thing Of Ours – Wale & Omarion f. Rick Ross & Nas
4. All Birds – Rick Ross f. French Montana
5. Actin Up – Wale & Meek Mill f. French Montana – When this dropped it was overshadow by the starting of the beef between G.O.O.D. Music and YMCMB. This song is an absolutely banger and I drive around in the whip blasting this all the time. “These Hoes be actin’ up, and these N***** be lettin’ em” echoes across the hook. Meek Mill lays down a brilliant first verse, while Wale give a so-so. French Montana does his thing and slurs his way across on this 3rd single.

6. Fountain Of Youth – Stalley f. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hu$$le
7. I Be Puttin’ On – Wale f. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana & Roscoe Dash
8. The Zenith – Wale & Stalley f. Rick Ross
9. M.I.A. – Omarion & Wale
10. Bag Of Money – Wale & Meek Mill f. Rick Ross & T-Pain – One problem I have here is that you just got Omarion, you want to revitalize his career, why the hell is T-Pain singing your damn hooks though? Only problem. Another thing does it seem like Wale either hast he best verse of the group or the worst, nothing in the middle. The slow tingle of the beat allows you to hear Rozay help out on the hook. Anyways i may sound negative but I like this song.

11. Let’s Talk – Omarion f. Rick Ross – Rick Ross starts off the song by sayin we are going to change your life over night. Honestly that’s what MMG did for Omarion, they made him relevant again which is nuts to think about. A Biggie sample for the hook accompanied Maybach O and his singing, which isn’t that bad. The Bawse comes in at the end and sums it all up and ties the whole song together with a solid verse.

12. Black On Black – Gunplay f. Ace Hood & Bun B
13. FluorescentInk – Stalley & Wale f. Rick Ross
14. Bury Me A G – Rick Ross f. T.I.


Smoke DZA – Rugby Thompson (Album Review)

01. Rugby Thompson – A nice slick intro into Rugby Thomspon for Smoke DZA. Over a soulful and powerful beat from Harry Fraud. Smoke DZA spits about reaching the top of the game being the KushedGod like h is not looking back at the people on his coat tails.

02. New Jack – With that New Jack intro from Wesley Snipes. Riiiiight. Smoke DZA goes in over some drum kicks and rips it up. That 2nd verse where he spits double time, could be one of my favorite parts of this whole time. Smoke DZA displays his dominance and power he is gaining in the rap game today, as he is one of the hottest things coming up out of the game.

03. Baleedat f. Curren$y – The jet Life mentor and protege Spitta and The KushedGod. Spitta comes on in he 2nd verse and spits with the heart like he had on The Stoned Immaculate. Smoke DZA holds down the chorus on here and spits some baleedat shit and makes them ladiws believe him. At the 2:41 mark of the song the cut goes into a Bollywood sound and speeds it up for the last 17 seconds of the song.

04. Playground Legend – one thing you will notice of Smoke DZA’s cut is that his songs hover around the 3:00 mark. Anyways this song goes out to all the playground legends out there, that are those myths in the neighborhood’s but never made it to that next level of being the superstar that everyone set you up to be. That flute at the en of the song is pretty damn dope too.

05. Ashtray f. Domo Genesis & ScHoolboy Q – Stoners Anthem? Definitely quite possibly. Released as the 3rd single for this album about 2 weeks ago. Smoke, Q, and Domo all rap about the encounters with the fashionable drug weed and how they do with it. Smoke DZA comes with a solid verse and his last 8 bars are really quite good. Now Domo comes on the 2nd verse and I’ve never really felt Domo before but the verse is pretty chill bragging about his recent OF Tape. ScHoolboy Q is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now and goes hard on the beat like he always does, got that Hands On The Wheel flow going on for him.

06. F*ck Ya Mother f. Sean Price – Sean Price holds down the 1st verse coming hard on the beat raping about being harder than the other guys at his level and stealing the ladies from you and your homies. After a brief phone call background vocal Smoke DZA spits about the fake dudes in the homies in the hood running there mouth but don’t really stack up like they say they do. “You a peeon, you should get Pee’d on, R Kelly Style” Smoke DZA says to close out the cut.

07. Game 7 f. A$AP Twelvyy – This isn’t the first time Smoke DZA has hooked up with the A$AP Mob. This time he gets the 3rd man in charge of the crew Twelvy. Starts off with “First of the month/back straight/kicks is new/rent is late” then bust into Trap Hard, Trap Hard, Trap Hard, representing that even though they are struggling to get that money they are gonna go out on a daily and get the money that they need to get by selling Molly, X, and Weed. Twelvyy does his thing on the Harry Fraud production and provides a pretty dope verse to seal the song up.

08. Kenny Powers – Another one of my favorites cuts from Rugby Thompson. The track dedicated to Danny McBride’s character Kenny Powers., Smoke DZA rips up an eery beat from Harry Fraud. Smoke DZA comes precise on the verses and definitely does his thing. The hook is average but still the cut is dope none the less.

09. Turnbuckle Music f. Action Bronson – This is one of my favorite cuts on here also Action Bronson, Bronsonolini does his thin and is a shining part of New York rap right now along with Smoke DZA. The dude sounds exactly like Ghostface Killah it’s uncanny. Smoke and Bronson trade verses at the beginning and then they trade almost bar for bar about half way through the song, which was real chill. The beat was also doing it for me and got be bobbing my head like a true G, it’s been a while since that has happened. Action Bronson also may have the verse of the album here with verse 3, shit was really slick.

10. Rivermonts – Smoke DZA gives his day to day life here living on the block slanging that shit. One of those fillers that he had on the tape, but still a solid record.

11. Lo Horsemen f. NYM LO, Meyhem Lauren & Thirstin Howl III – The on beat I do not like from Harry Fraud, just to much electric guitar. Just not feeling it, :kanyeshrug:. DZA grabs some of the homies from New York to rap on one of the closing cuts to help give them support on their upcoming project and to get their names out there. Smoke DZA defiitiely does his thing on this track though.

12. The Prelude To Judgement Day – The closing track to Smoke DZA’s Rugby Thompson, probably has the one of the hardest verses from the Kushed God on the whole album. After the 1st verse it’s broken up with a sample of Christopher Walken, as metaphorically speaking of the king of the Jungle the lion praying on the victims below him. Smoke DZA compares himself to being the King of the Jungle and basically comes out and says he is the new leader of the NY rap scene.

OVERALL: Solid ass album, and overall had a lot more better tracks than I have ever heard on a Smoke DZA project before. That’s why I give it a 75/100

Waka Flocka Flame – Triple F Life (Album Review)

1. Triple F Life Intro Waka comes in over a light piano whispering “Brick Squad Monopoly.” Waka then bust out the raps and spits about the Triple F. Family, Friends, and Family. Actually a pretty good intro from Fozzie Bear.

2. Let Dem Guns Blam Ft. Meek Mill – One of the more anticpated songs I was waiting on from Waka, especially with Meek Mill’s verse. Meek Mill has increasingly begin to become a regualar on my computer and IPod. Also a pretty good and solid cut from Waka, it was a definite shame that it had to leak early.

3. Round Of Applause Ft. Drake – Released as a freebie back in September from Drizzy Drake, pretty dope strip club type song. It really ended up bigger than anyone thought it really would, definitely surprised how this was taken by the public and how it was accepted.

4. I Don’t Really Care Ft. Trey Songz – One of my favorite the year so far, this cut is just one of those songs that really makes you want to stand on a chair and shout I Don’t Really Care. ONe thing I could do without is Trey’s verse, should have just kept him on the hook. This hook is extremely dope too, and Waka just bows and bows his way through the verses to make the song pretty fuggin’ cool.

5. Rooster In My Rari – When i first heard this cut I started cooking right away. That’s what this beat made me do. I feel like this cut is missing someone else to rap on it. This joint would be perfect for a damn collaboration, especially Gucci Mane!

6. Get Low – The cut with feature after feature. Nicki, Tyga, and Flo-Rida join Waka on this techno and obvious radio club smash hit. And when I say smash hit, I say utter disappointment. This song does not fir with Waka Flocka at all, way too much pop and I expected him to stay true to the streets and not sell out with a cut. But after giving it a few listens if this doesn’t do well on the charts that is shame. Just cut out Flo-Rida! Should made a No Hands remake for this album but that’s just me.

7. Fist Pump – This is cut you have heard Waka Flocka Flame and Bobby Ray talk about in past interviews, as being the club song of the year. I was expecting somehing like No Hands with B.o.B. on the hook dropping something slick, but nah he drops a fuggin dope ass verse! Just put those hands in the air and give me a Fist Pump! The end of the song is outed by a repetitive guitar solo.

8. Candy Paint & Gold Teeth – This cut has been getting looked into as something to check out with the southern kings Ludacris and Bun B on the features. The hook has them saying “Candy Paint and Gold Teeth” the norm down South. Mr. 5 Mics drops a pretty dope verse and shows reemergence that he had on his past albums instead of his past features.Luda drops an average verse. The beat was one of the best on the album, just chill with that guitar and drum kit.

9. Cash –

Shit just made me want to smash a car windshield and fuck someone up.

10. Lurkin – Classic Waka Flocka Flame, shit should get you hyped ASAP. Waka comes in with those bows bows. and Plies actually drops a pretty dope verse believe it or not. Te 3rd single from Triple F Life was not one to be fucked with. My Boys They Be Lurkin. This song has been labeled as my favorite banger as this shit just gets me hyped when I listen to it.

11. Clap – Opening up the cut when the beat came on I was feeling it, but then Waka came on and just screwed that shit up. Just that shit sounded bad. Probably one or if not the worst song on this whole album. Only good part of this was the. But other than that it was gross.

12. U Ain’t Bout That Life – Flocka! Flocka flexes over the hook telling the g’s put there they aren’t really about that true life that Waka really lives. Also Alley Boy is shining part of this song and needs to come out of he shadows, and get more known in the rap game, the guy has some brilliant bars and is to dope. Slim Thug drops the bar of te song though “Talkin about you got pies, bitch you work at Popeyes.” You Aint About That Life.

13. Power Of My Pen – “For the money and the power” we will do what we can for that shit. Waka drops some knowledge about his Friends around him reaching that status and change who they personal are, but in he long run in never truly works out and ultimately fails.I wonder if Waka actually writes his verses or if he drops bars in the booth.

14. Flex – Everyone on this song drops some verse ad lines flex shit. Waka gets the whole Brick Squad Monopoly for this ignorant shit ad we flex all over this shit. At 2:31 shit goes nuts and Waka drops some real ignorant brilliance and gets the whole tracked hyped. Throwin Bows and Flexes all across the track.

15. Triple F Life Outro – The fuck was this shit when I first heard it. It sounded like sometin B.o.B. would rap on for his album. Anyways Waka raps about his life and how h is the 1st to really achieve ignorance brilliance and how the labels and people are mimicking his style. He also spits about friends that died, and family love, and tells the fans he cares about them and that he does this for them. Waka definitely slows it down for the people out there and it was a good outro for Triple F Life.

Overall: A solid sophomore album from Waka Flocka Flame. Not as good as Flockaveli but it’s still a quality album. 75/100

Big K.R.I.T: Live From The Underground Album Review

The highly anticipated “Live From The Underground” debut album cover.

LFU300MA (Intro)- Even though Krit doesn’t do any rapping it still makes for a good intro. Definitely prepares you for the album conceptually and sound wise. But, it’s too good of a beat to use it as an intro with no bars. 

Live From The Underground- With an old school hip hop beat with humming in the background, the title track starts off the album well. The flow reminded me of a Yelawolf type flow but probably because they’re both from the South. The hook is mediocre but what caught my attention is when he says, “live from the underground railroad” in an auto-tuned voice because of the multiple meanings it has. Being from the South, many slaves took the Underground Railroad to the North in order to be free from plantations. This line also means that Krit is taking the “railroad” of underground hip hop to the mainstream. The rhyme scheme keeps you attentive to the track and the different sounds throughout the track shows the skill level Krit is at production wise. At the end of the track you hear something crashing down to the ground and someone telling Krit, “Your in the mainstream. This is A&R ville.” Transitions beautifully into the next track.     8/10

Cool 2 Be Southern- A bass heavy beat with claps is exactly what would be expected from a track with the title it has. Smooth flow as Krit represents the region he’s rightfully taking over in the Hip Hop world. Not a bad track by any means, just nothing amazing lyrically or conceptually.     8.1/10

I Got This- Being the first single off the album, you knew this was going to be a banger. But calling this a banger is an understatement for this track as the bass, synthesizers, and drums blast through your speakers forcing your head to bop. The catchy hook is the standout part of the song while the verses lack metaphors but this isn’t the type track for any of the crazy lyrical material. This will be getting tons of plays in the whip as I ride out during the summer.     7.8/10

Money On The Floor (feat. 8Ball, MJG & 2 Chainz)- Another mainstream type track which is expected with someone like 2 Chainz on the verses. Chill and relaxing hook and it follows up the past 2 tracks perfectly in terms of lyrics and production. Another track for the whip but as of now, the listener is wondering if these type tracks will fill up the entire album.     6.5/10

What U Mean (feat. Ludacris)- By far the most filler sounding track on the album. Had this been given to Luda in his prime he would have spazzed and delivered a tight verse instead of a whack one. The beat and hook are the only parts that make this song listenable. Not too much replay value either.   5.8/10

My Sub (Part 2: The Jackin)- A sequel to the track “My Sub” off of Krit’s critically acclaimed “Return of 4eva” mixtape but many choose to say it’s a free album. This isn’t a crazy song but it’s an interesting song from all aspects. The beat, flow, and rhymes all are creative which makes this a very listenable track. The end is another metaphor of Krit coming to the mainstream. He is talking to his old homie (the Underground) and is setup by a woman (the label) and killed by other guys (mainstream). The ending reminds me of “The Vent” another track worth listening too off of “Return of 4eva”.     7.4/10

Don’t Let Me Down- After the numerous bangers for the whip tracks, Krit finally gets back to the type of rapping we love to hear him spit, real shit. Aggressive flow as he tries to deliver the message to the listener that he’s doing everything he can to blow up and make money to support him and his family while keeping the style that got him the loyal fan base he has. Great transition track.     8/10

Porchlight- On this track Krit talks about his relationship getting complicated as he’s constantly on the road. Great hook that fits the beat perfectly as Krit flows like water. Krit could also be talking to the Underground when he says “leave the porchlight on” meaning he’s going to the mainstream but expect him to stick to his roots. Nothing to complain about on this track.     7.8/10

Pull Up (feat. Big Sant & Bun B)- One of the worst cuts on the album. It seems like something is missing during the hook and at some points on the verses. Nothing attention grabbing and the guest verses didn’t deliver anything spectacular. Bun B had a few nice rhymes but other than that this track should have been on a mixtape.     6.3/10

Yeah Dats Me- This is another track that gives you instant energy from the beginning seconds. A hot and creative beat brings back the feeling from the first few tracks on the album. He displays his versatile flow and is a boastful track to his haters.     7.2/10

Hydroplaning (feat. Devin The Dude)- At first I didn’t like this track too much (mostly because of the hook) but it grew onto me after only a couple listens. He talks about how he never had any doubts he wouldn’t make it and dreamed of all the luxuries that come with making it in the industry. Only flaw of the track is the hook, the “I’m Hydroplaning” doesn’t sound good. Devin The Dude flows like a drunk 5th grader and has no business being on this track.     7.6/10

If I Fall (feat. Melanie Fiona)-  This track already has 30 plays on my iTunes. The beat has an inspirational feel and it instantly grabs you as the track starts. Krit talks to the less fortunate and also the struggles he went through growing up. Melanie Fiona absolutely kills the hook and completes the song. Definitely the “cheer up” track of the album with Krit’s emotional yet somewhat aggressive flow. My personal favorite off the album.     8.7/10

Rich Dad, Poor Dad-  Easily one of the standout tracks on the album lyrically. Krit spits a vivid story of his childhood over the simple but mood capturing beats. Even though the title is an oxymoron Krit explains it through rhymes. His father was rich in experience and taught many life lessons, some not so good for a young kid, but he embraces it nonetheless. With all that being said, his father was still poor money wise and couldn’t provide much for the young Krizzle growing up. Even with a poor hook, the song is still great.     9/10

Praying Man (feat. BB King)- A very interesting feature and I was anticipating it for sure. Another track that stands out in my eyes in all aspects that depicts a story of a man struggling to find his home. Krit talks about being imprisoned and people trying to help him. This is all a metaphor of Krit being tackled by the mainstream and unable to make his own style music. In the end, a man “takes me away from my opresssor, forever” which represents Def Jam signing him and giving him creative control.     9.1/10

Live From The Underground [Reprise] (feat. Ms Linnie)- A beautiful outro to the album. A soothing feel as Krit sings repetitive lines over harmonica and bass. The message of the track is that whenever Hip Hop is in trouble you can always count on him to save it. No rapping just singing but it fits the beat and makes for a dope outro. 

A great debut album in terms of mainstream type songs and the emotional tracks we love to hear Krit spit. The end of the album is super strong and brings the concept together. “What U Mean” I’m sure could have been replaced with a better track but other than that the tracks are solid. Many wondered whether Krit’s production would decline because of his constant sample use and whether he’d be able to clear them. He silenced those critics for sure and even upped the ante. The concept of Krit coming to the mainstream is cleanly delivered throughout each track on the album and even shown on the album cover. Not a classic, but easily the best album of 2012 so far and will be among the top ones when the year comes to a close. 


Curren$y – The Stoned Immaculate (Album Review)

1. What It Look Like f. Wale – The 1st song released from Spitta’s Album. I honestly love Wale and I’m always checking for what the dude is doing but I just feel like he hasn’t been the same since signing with MMG, and I honestly called this when it happened. Spitta dos his thing and puts down one of he best verses on the album, great first single. This is a solid lead intro for Curren$y and sets the whole tone for the rest of the album.

2. Privacy Glass – Spitta rolls through the town and chills the fug out on his verses. “I usually don’t ride like this” raps Curren$y on the hook speaking on the behalf of the life changing experiences he has been through since making the top of the rap game and being true to his own raps. Spitta has his Privacy Glass up on this cut.

3. Armoire (feat. Young Roddy & Trademark) – The Jet Life connection, and to be honst only the Jet Life Members are the ones who can rap and drop bombs on a beat like this. Definitely something different in the production department. Spitta drops on the hook “Cuz this rap shit is just my hustle baby we paper chasin” letting us know the Jet Life Crew is out there to get that money we are all after no matter the way to get it. About the 4th or 5th listen I started to really feel this cut shit was dope. Roddy and Trademark lay down a nice hook and chorus for the song.

4. Take You There (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) – Classic Curren$y type beat. Spitta drops the bar “Clearly I made it”, and yeah we all know he has made it in the game back since 2008, but this really proclaims the hard work and consistency he always gives to each and every project he puts out. There has been maybe one album Curr$ put out that wasn’t up to par, but still Spitta maybe the most consistent dude in the game today. Spitta raps about getting and finally having that money that he has been chasing at his whole life, and being able to spend it to fullest, living that life that we all should be doing.

5. Showroom – Starts off a bit slow in the beginning, then some techno stuff was added to the beat and Curr$ steps his game up to accompany the beat and make that shit flow nicely. Spitta has one of the nicest flows in the game by far and is always keeping this on point never swaying back and forth or falling off. Spitta shows that here on this cut of the Showroom, which highlights his raps of being a chilled dude and going out there trying to get money, but staying to his roots and not changing who he is to sell out.

6. Capitol (feat. 2 Chainz) – Been waiting on this cut, when it was released as a single back in Mid-May I was like oh shit gotta check i out. All I gotta say is dat FLUTE! This bat has that Pilot Talk feel to it to the fullest, just easy and laid back just a chill laid back song. Spitta keeps his verses on point and 2 Chainz comes in with a solid verse, nothin spectular but solid. The beats are typical Curren$y. They are lush and chill, many laced with horns and piano keys. The fact that he worked with many different producers, which he doesn’t usually do, was to his advantage. There’s more variation in the beats than usual for Spitta.

7. No Squares (feat. Wiz Khalifa) – if you have ever listened to Covert Coup yo may have recognized that this beat sounds similar to Full Metal. Spitta drops some very dope verses which I was not expecting from after hearing the hook. The hook was sub par, very repetitive. Wiz comes in half through the song and does his thing on this beat, sounded like Kush & OJ Wiz which was refreshing to hear from him.

8. Sunroof (feat. Corner Boy P) – The beginnig of this song may key you into something you have heard before maybe from ScHoolboy Q or MF Doom. Anyways the bat changes up about half through and Curr$ does his thing over the classic beat. Those horns and Flute shit had me like this shit too dope. Spitta keeps it G though spitting some cool laid back shit.

9. Chasin’ Papers (feat. Pharrell) – One of the most anticipated features on the whole album, Spitta to the Skateboard P. P dos his best rendition of the Five Stair steps and lays down a chill as fuck chorus. Spitta almost never has a bad verse, and to say here he may have some of the best of the whole album on this song. Probably the top 3 song on this album if not the best. The beat is dope, the verse is chill, and the chorus is god like. Spitta and Skateboard p get a 10/10 for this one.

10. That’s the Thing (feat. Estelle) – Spitta comes in over a nice piano and down low beat compared to the rest of the beats out there from The Stoned Immaculate. Estelle provides a dope hook on there signing about broken hearts and loving on her man. Spitta drops the bars about trying to make it in the rap game, but sticking with that one girl back home and that he is doing it all for her, getting her to smile for that love.

11. Chandelier – Spitta comes through looking so clean on this one. he tones it down a bit for them fans out there and goes in over a softer type classic beat. Rapping about struggling in he game and trying to make it. Trying to give it all back to that lady that rode with him through the thick and the thin. One of the best cuts on the album. The Stoned Immaculate is shaping up to be album of the year type material. also containing some women-related raps. But you’re not hearing the same story twice. On one of Spitta’s ad-libs during the song he says “real life sitations,” and that really stuck with me as the best description of Spitta. He is on some real life situation shit. He could be your weed-smoking neighbour or something. You just want to chill and smoke a joint with him. Even if he’s telling you that he’s better than you, ’cause he’s got however many cars and all these hoes, he still sounds like a chill dude.

12. Fast Cars Faster Women f. Daz – Definitely one of the weirder collabs on this album and I honestly had no clue it was in the works. Released as the 2nd single for The Stoned Immaculate. It got some high plays in mid-April. Spitta does his thing and keeps it up on this song over the classic stoner’s type beat. Daz was chill on it but wasn’t good, but wasn’t bad.

13. Jet Life (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Wiz Khalifa) – Spitta, Wiz, and Krizzle do there thing to actually close out the album before the bonus tracks hit. This isn’t the first time the trio has collabed before check out Glass House. Anyways Wiz and Spitta spit that real shit about weed, women, and money. A lot of people were shaking there heads at the Wiz Khalifa being on the tracklist but I think he had a dope verse, spitting “Diamonds frozen up, pockets swollen up, I’ve been rolling up since I was old enough.” K.R.I.T. holds down the hook rapping “Don’t miss this jet hoe, Jet life to the next life”.

14. Audio Dope 3 (Bonus Track) – The shortest song on the album running only at 2:43. After hearing the other 2 Audio Dope songs I was highly anticipating the 3rd installement to the Audio Dope series. And I wasn’t disappointed. Shit was going nuts and Curr$ was spitting some hot fire the entire time, Spitta had this cut on lockdown.

15. One More Time (Bonus Track) – Spitta spits over a futuristic beat and does his thing on this bonus track. This is actually was one of the songs I was feeling the most after listening to it about 6 or 7 times. Shit just had that feel where you could roll one up and forget about the world.

16. J.L.R. (feat. Young Roddy & Smoke DZA) (Bonus Track) – Jet Life To The Next Life. JLR stands for Jet Life Remixm, and it only fits to have the Jet Life members Smoke DZA, and Young Roddy on the cut with Spitta. Young Roddy drops some sweet barson his verse but Smoke DZA really steals the show and slays the beat over and over and each line he drops.

OVERALL: Spitta always provides quality music and never lets the fans down, and this album has Album Of The Year type material on it with Chandelir, Paper Chasin, and Showroom. Spitta stays true and will always be who he is and this album recieves a 84/100 from me.

Kid Ink – Up & Away (Album Review)

1. No One Left – The intro starts off with a dope beat and good production. Kid Ink comes on spitting about not losing yourself and being true to who you are when coming up in the game being the G he is. One of the better parts of this cut was when the beat dropped about at the :57 mark in the song “Sitting back talking to myself”. When I first heard it I was like goddam! Lowkey beat was dope and Kid Ink put out some good verses.

2. Is It You – You know one of those fillers. Kid Ink goes in over a futuristic beat, and spits about that one lady that he is scoping out in the crowd. The bridge chants “That loud, tell me how this sounds, te neighbors my complain but we never turn it down. Sex metaphor? One of the lines that gave me a little chuckle was “I’ll be all over you fast Ricky….. Bobby” anyways I can see some people feeling this but to me it’s just a filler.

3. Time Of Your Life – This is the song that Kid Ink on he map nation wide playing on all those radios out there. This has that total pop-rap feel, and definitely got a little bit of the girl/love song in there. Ink tells the ladies to go “have the time of your life and let is show”. Ink lets them know he has them covered and he wants you to have a good time on out there ladies.

4. Act Like That (3-Some) – Every mans dream getting it in with 2 ladies at the same damn time.Ink tells the ladies “Don’t you act like, let your freak out” “Don’t act like that, try something new” on the chorus and makes it well known that after being with him for a night you are gonna be telling all your friends about it. Ha “Some say 2 heads are better than 1” 😉

5. Walk In The Club – after looking over the names of the tracklist I was looking forward to this cut and thought this would be one of those bangers that would go too hard in the club, but I thought way too wrong about that. This has the semi-banger feel to it, and had the biggest possibility to be something extremely drop but when the beat changes on the chorus it just turns me away from it. At the start of the 3rd verse, is where things start to get heated up for the song and shines to be honest. ” I might walk up in the club and leave with the whole party.”

6. Drippin’ – One of my favorite cuts on this album, shit was dope from the beat to the verses to the chorus. Right after Ink drops the “Dick and balls line” shits goes nuts, dropping some excellent bars, and keeps things locked up on the cut. “Double shots, double bitches, double chains, you ca tell I’m drippin.” I want more songs like this from Kid Ink. 10/10 Ink 10/10.

7. Lost In The Sauce – This was the cut that rally go me onto Kid Ink, it really showed his mass appeal, flex his weed lines “Reportin’ live somewhere on the cloud”, swag “Why they celebratin’? On a whole ‘nother level On a elevator, got ’em lookin’ to the sky” and his lady appeal “All these gold diggin’ hoes on a n**** now”. Kid Ink really has a gem here on this one if he had another verse, only 2 verses were definitely not cutting it!

8. Roll Out – Out comes a brilliant intro for about 25 seconds and then Ink jumps in and spits some hot fire. About at the 2:55 mark Ink goes nuts on the track and i’m always a sucker when the beat drops and Ink gives us the punchline, “To roll and Rock Out, these lames can’t ball like the NBA Lockout.” Another dope quality song from Kid Ink. One of the top 5 songs on the whole album.

9. Rumpshaker – Damn girl that ass to fat. “yeah you got it girl but what you gonna do with it?” is what Ink echoes at the beginning of this cut. I feel like this got that twerk feel to it ad will make all these ladies get down on the dance floor when I put this record on this summer, at some parties. Another quality club/dance cut.

10. Carry On – This is one of my favorite beats on this album. Ink comes hard on he song, from point A to point B. One of the doper lines on the joint “Just rolled up going for the high score, full of attention something I can’t ignore.” Shows that the girl Kid Ink has been eyeing is getting to much for him and wants her to keep doing her and he’ll get her in the long run. One of the cuts for the special ladies out there doing themselves and being some bad ass ladies.

11. Neva Gave A F**k – One of the singles Kid Ink released back a couple of months before this dropped. Ink goes in over a trippy different kind of beat. Flexing on the hook “Neva gave a fuck, probably never will”, which is a middle finger to the haters out there saying Ink is to mainstream or lack creativeness, he just turns his head to those haters. In almost every song Ink has a line that just is too dope like this one “N***** trying to steal my swag, need a low jack”. Ink keeps on point in his verses to make the song even that much better.

12. Hell & Back – The beat on this raw as fuck. Kid Ink does his thing and continues to rip raw beats up. I can see this as a possible future single, it has the potential to be one of those bangers on the radio you always hear. Ink goes through the struggles of being an up and coming rapper in the game and it shows here going through Hell & Back.

OVERALL: On the low though this album is pretty good, and definitely surprise me a little bit. The 2012 XXL Freshman had some dope lines and some good verses, and a quality ear for beats. The album really picks up after the 5th cut and doesn’t lose steam from there. 71/100

Big K.R.I.T. – Live From The Underground (Album Review)

1. LFU300MA (Intro) – Intro telling you to turn it up to the highest volume getting it in. Krizzle comes in speaking softly expressing his feelings and emotions toward his first high profiled studio album. No rapping is involved in this cut but still K.R.I.T. puts on a dope beat for the listeners.

2. Live From The Underground – K.R.I.T. puts on one of his normal dope classic southern beats like you have heard before from his previous projects of Returnof4eva, 4eva N A Day, and K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. His verse was pretty slick but that second verse is what sticks with you, that beginning line of “Keep it roll, I’m supposed to look control, pop the trunk burn the skunk and slam a door.” Is something else. The harmonica at the end really sums the song up and adds a nice touch to simple soft beat from K.R.I.T.

3. Cool 2 Be Southern – The horns blast off the song right away, Krizzle brings us into his home and shows us how he really lives. Big and fly. K.R.I.T. in the past couple of years has put the South on his back being from Mississippi, which is different in it’s own since not many rappers come op out of the M. K.R.I.T. flexes his way across the song showing how he is making it cool to be Southern and all the other regions in the game are jacking the Southern’s style.

4. I Got This – Got that southern classic music right here that beat is on point, and in all honestly this whole album has classic production because it is Big K.R.I.T. doing it all basicaly, and he is one of the best to do it in the past 5 years. Krizzle’s 1st official took off with a bang K.R.I.T. had a chart topping single.

5. Money On The Floor ft. 8Ball & MJG and 2 Chainz – Released way back in the day, like in October it may have slipped under some people’s radar, but this is the 1st offical single of Live From The Underground and this shit was fuggin’ dope. Krizle was able to get 2 of the south’s most underrated artists in 8ball and MJG who may have created Brilliant Ignorance, an also got one of the hottest artists of the year in 2 Chainz all on the same cut to make a ole Southern banger.

6. What U Mean ft. Ludacris – Normally I feel every single one of K.R.I.T.’s beats but up until the hook I was like this shit is average, but that quickly changed once that hook came. K.R.I.T. gets grimey and turns up the heat for this one. Rapping on the hook, “What you mean, you ain’t nasty, why da fuck you came?” showing the strength he has on the ladies, if you ain’t gonna get with him why the fuck you here? Luda’s verse is actually on point and it’s one of the first verses I have enjoyed listening to from Ludacris since 1.21 Gigawatts. Also this the Luda I want for the next album he is going to be putting out.

7. My Sub (Pt. 2: The Jackin’) – That beat is eery at the beginning but it’s still pretty dope. Krizzle raps over a low beat and comes too hard on it. You already know you gotta ride around bumping this in the whip. 1 question my dude what the fuck is that at the end of the song with his lights getting knocked out. The end of this cut flexes DJ spins and cuts, transitioning to the next song with such ease it’s crazy.

8. Don’t Let Me Down – This is one problem I have with this album, it may sound too similar too his early projects that everyone has heard. The problem I have with that is if he switched up his style, people would call him out for selling out, but if he stays true to how he came up then people complain he needs to grow as an artist. Anyways rant off. This has the classic K.R.I.T. production on it here, verses are so-so. This song was just average along with What U Mean.

9. Porchlight ft. Anthony Hamilton – This is like my night song. This sound is just chill, something to roll around in the whip to. It’s just got that kick back and chill sound too it. Anthony Hamilton sings with that magnificent voice on the hook. Krizzle raps “baby leave the porchlight on I can feel your pain through the phone.” which explains when he is on the road traveling from show to show trying to make, he has girl back at home waiting on him wanting him back at home, but he will be there shortly.

10. Pull Up ft. Big Sant & Bun B – Big K.R.I.T. gets his protege and the man he tries to follow in the footsteps in on this cut. I feel like Bun B is too legit on this shine and he really makes me forget about the early verses in this joint, really outshines the 2 youngin’s. But still K.R.I.T. and Sant do there things on the beat don’t get wrong, I just think Bun B wins this one.

11. Yeah Dats Me – One hyped up cut. After releasing it in Mid-May it got some mixed reviews but in my mind I liked the vibe it had Kind of like a re done and more energetic version of I Got This. The hook though I would have liked it was different, it didn’t ruin the song but it didn’t help it either. One of these hyped up cuts just to get some energy to the album and bring up the spirits a little bit. Yeah Dats Me!

12. Hydroplaning ft. Devin The Dude – “It’s been a long time since I felt this way.” echoes Big K.R.I.T. as he begins the song. Krizzle slows it down from last cut to rap about smoking and getting faded. One of those just average cuts on this album. Devin The Dude nah.

13. If I Fall ft. Melanie Fiona – This right here is one of my favorite songs on the whole album. I knew that right away, as the piano came in. This shows the progression K.R.I.T. has made as a producer throughout his career. It shows his growth, but it still stays true to his roots. Melanie Fiona sings beautiful on the hook, “If I fall by the riverbend, just save me your leap of death.” K.R.I.T.’s verses were on point yet again and it collectively puts together one of the best songs I have ever heard from K.R.I.T.

14. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – This shit’s piano is above your life to be honest. K.R.I.T. rhymes about the life teachings in his life from his dad, how to grow up to be a man and make something out of your life instead of slinging on the corner, or funding money for a kid at 16. One of the best songs on the album from my perspective, shit was amazing because I can relate to it with my own dad.

15. Praying Man ft. B.B. King – This is one of the most looked forward collaborations on the whole album next to Bun B. K.R.I.T. drops some knowledgable ass lines in his verses to keep up his game and make that shit sound classical. I honestly think in the long run this has the potential to be one of the best cuts on the whole album. “I think I hear a praying man coming” is the hook than transitions to K.R.I.T. rapping about trying to get out the slums that he is in and trying to get through, but he is being held back from his oppressor, and needs help out of it and that’s what the Praying Man is in metaphor God. In my mind I see Krizzle rapping this from being a slave standpoint, trying to get free from the slave masters and the Praying Man helping him out to make it free.

16. Live From The Underground (Reprise) ft. Ms. Linnie – He doesn’t officially revisit track number 2, but still it still sums up the whole project really well. K.R.I.T I believe in my mind is one of the bright spots in today’s future in the hip-hop game as a rapper and a producer. This album really shows his potential to be a great full package artist.

OVERALL: Great debut album, classic production and great sounding album. 83/100