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Future – Pluto (Review)

1. The Future Is Now ft. Big Rube – Big Rube explains the beginnings of Future being out of this world and being the G he is, and how he is on Pluto.

2. Parachute ft. R.Kelly – Kells dear god! You have a verse on your hear, my god this find was a golden gift from the R&B gods. One of the favorite cuts of mine on here.

3. Straight Up – Yo on the real the horns on this songs that bring in Future are >>>>>>. Future’s first half of the album are all killers and just dynamite. This maybe my favorite beat on this whole album.

4. Astronaut Chick – My dudes Future has love songs too. Dedicated to his outer space girls who have his heart. Aw ain’t that sweet.

5. Magic (Remix) ft. T.I. – One of Future’s biggest cuts he had previous to this album. But for this he pulls out the big guns with T.I. who does tear the track up and does his thing to start the song off. Future tries to keep up with TIP but yaknow can’t do it…

6. I’m Trippin’ ft. Juicy J – We Trippy Mane! Juicy J gets Future to trippy here off that lean. These provide some Brilliant Ignorance. Have I mentioned how much I liked Juicy J’s verse, one of my favorite artists at the moment.

7. Truth Gonna Hurt You – Great piano entrance. Cole World? Future tells his story of having to tell the lie, because the truth is gonna hurt you. Also this is hooks Future needs to make. This one is recognizable and actually listenable to.

8. Neva End – Ehhhhhhhhh. Nice filler I guess, I didn’t like this song very well. But I have seen that a lot of people around the blogosphere really like the cut.

9. Tony Montana ft. Drake – How can you not like one of the best songs from last year, even if it has one of the worst hooks of all time. This trap song just explains what Future is all about and gets me pumped op beyond belief. Drizz on that verse keeps to bawse.

10. Permanent Scar – Future tells the story of his life. This is actually one of the best lyrical songs I have heard in the while. 10/10 and if you want lyrical type music, get this song.

11. Same Damn Time – AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. If you like bangers in the whip, go out and download this cut gawddamn! THis already goes to hard in my whip.

12. Long Live The Pimp ft. Trae The Truth – What do you guys think about Trae Tha Truth? I feel like this and Snoop Dogg is the only real time Future out shined his feature, but hey who I am to judge on that. Long Live Bun B and R.I.P. Pimp C. Future gives honor to H-Town and pays his respect to UGK, another solid lyrical song

13. Homicide ft. Snoop Dogg – Snooooooooooopp Dogg does his thing, but in all honestly Future comes back an takes the song over like he should. While Snoop Dogg says murder in the background, Future delievers a solid hook, and Future doesn’t take any prisoners with his verses.

14. Turn On The Lights – That beat is waaaaaaaaayyy out there. Mike Will on the beat. Future has been searching for his lady friend and really needs the girl out that he has been looking for. ONe of my favorite beats on here again. Mike Will making that fast rise out there.

15. You Deserve It – This is a major banger here. Once the beat drops he just gets too hard here and keeps it respectable with the verses. But like normal the hook was forgettable and near unlistenable.

16. Paradise – WEEEEEWWWWWW Hot garbage. The one song I honestly really disliked, too much auto tuning, singing, and stuff. This one just didn’t work for me.

17. Fishscale – Beat is very “Futurisitc” and outer space, kinda wants me to go out and cook some crack up and slang that Yay.


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