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FreeHRS Interview With Rajeev

HRS: First off tell us a bit about yourself and how you are as an artist?

R: Whats good, I’m just a dude that skates, travels, likes to chill + party with the homes and hot chicks, and happens to rap really fuckin good.

HRS: You just released your project 80 proof memories, which is dope by the way, what did you want to achieve with that tape?

R: Thanks, I just wanted to put out something darker than Bachelor Shit because I realized not everybody was able to relate to that tape. Times are hard and not everybody is successful right now, so I wanted to rewind and bring y’all back to where I started. The kinda wild shit I was getting into in college without getting too specific. I could still make a dozen more mixtures just off stupid wild shit I was doing in college hahaha.

HRS: As a new artist what kind of struggles have you came across when getting your music out?

R: Getting major blogs to show love is a big struggle. But I am realizing that having a devoted fanbase is more important than all that. I see cats with 300 followers get their shit posted on all the major sites and no one gives a fuck. Then I hear about some new music I’ve never even heard in my life, come to find out they’re low-key hella popular. I’m done struggling to get on the major sites and more focusing on making sure all the homies/fans continue to fuck with my music (doesn’t mean don’t post me tho!!).

HRS: What do you need to work on as an artist to reach that next level?

R: Making sure my fans can relate to me as an artist and a person. I want to make sure you associate my music with a memory.

HRS: What else do you have in stores for us this year?

R: More videos, probably another mixtape similar in style to the Chinese Food one I put out, and potentially an EP. I’m trying to get that all sorted out right now.

HRS: To all the new people reading this why should we take notice of your work? What separates you from the rest of the new artists in the game?

R: My music is fire dude. I don’t care whether you’re a rocket scientist or you sell dope, I got something on my projects for you to get down with.

HRS: Lastly is there anything you want to tell the fans out there of Rajeev?

R: Yeah just be cool, be yourself, go to and save me a seat next to the wavy asian bitches.


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