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NBA Playoff races

As the NBA season winds down, it’s time for some NBA Playoff races. Leggggoooo…..
1. x – Chicago Bulls 43-13
2. x – Miami Heat 39-15
3. Indiana Pacers 34-21
4. Boston Celtics 30-24
5. Atlanta Hawks 33-23
6. Orlando Magic 32-23
7. Philadelphia 76ers 29-25
8. New York Knicks 28-27
9. Milwaukee Bucks 27-28
I am really liking the Indiana Pacers. They are a legit team. They play well home and on the road. The Magic have seem to disappoint people with them playing bad and players coming out saying they want Stan Van Gundy fired. I think the Bucks can get that 8th seed too.
1. San Antonio Spurs 39-14
2. x – Oklahoma City Thunder 40-15
3. Los Angeles Lakers 35-21
4. Los Angeles Clippers 33-22
5. Memphis Grizzlies 31-23
6. Dallas Mavericks 31-25
7. Houston Rockets 30-25
8. Denver Nuggets 30-25
9. Utah Jazz 29-27
10. Phoenix Suns 28-27
11. Portland Trail Blazers 27-29
The Memphis Grizzlies are impressing me a lot. They had a terrific run last year in the Playoffs and are prepared for another one as they beat the Thunder and the Heat on the road. I can see the Trail Blazers getting the 8th spot. They play hard as a team espiecally right now.

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