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KidNamedChance 2013 XXL Freshman Predictions

1. XV – The dude has been cheated to me for what has been the past 3 years. He is a sensational rapper and has the ability to create a nice fan base. The only question, I can see, XXL having, is he too much of a blog rapper?
2. Stalley – After not officially having a 2012 XXL Freshman member on the MMG roster, yet and I say yet because French is going to switch teams. Anyways Stalley is my pick fir the Maybach Music Group. Even though the rumors of Dom Kennedy coming to MMG may boost his cred within MMG. Stalley wins the race between himself, Dom Kennedy, and Emilio Rojas.
3. Rockie Fresh – The Chi-Town has never had a “real freshman” before on the cover, unless you count Lupe Fiasco back in ’07. The Driving 88 tape had major replay value and hopefully another tape near October or November can put him back in the convo to be on it.
4. Casey Veggies – Watch out because this guy is going to blow the fuck up at any time. After giving all his mixtapes a listen he has progressively grown as an artist each time. I can’t wait to see what he does with Customized Greatly Vol. 3
5. Mr. Mutha******’ eXuire – Can the newest member of Universal Records hold off on the album before the 2013 cover? Can the words he hashed out at XXL after the 2012 cover out hurt him in any way?
6. Jon Connor – I may be riding the midwest to hard this year with this pick in Jon Connor. His Blue Album was superb and the The Peoples Rapper LP is shaping up to be hit. And with blogs like YouHeardThatNew and 2DopeBoyz backing him he could make a deep run. And put the city of Flint Michigan back on the map.
7. Emilio Rojas – Can the NY spitter make the cover? Being hyped up the past couple of years and releasing some dope mixtapes Emilio Rojas is on the verge to make the 2013 cover, if he plays his cards right and continues to keep his buzz with MMG and Billionaire Boys Club
8. SpaceGhostPurrp – The dude that is stuck in the year of 1995. He has the underground on lock right now. Will SGP take the road like Rocky or choose his own route.
9. Ab-Soul – XXL already knows they screwed up by not putting Q on the cover last year and won’t let that happen again by not putting the next TDE member to blow up. Also Control System was fuggin’ Crazy!
10. Los – The newest signee to Bad Boy can make the cover if he plays his cards right. He has all the backing in the world now and he as the potential to make the cover if he chooses and doesn’t screw up.
So with that here is the first predictions from KidNamedChance for the 2013 XXL Freshman Cover. Last year I hit 5 out of 10 in correctly hitting the Freshman predictions for

The 2012 cover. (MGK, French, Kid Ink, Danny Brown, and Future). Anyways these 10 dudes have the best shot at making it for the 2013 XXL Freshman Cover


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