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Final Four Match-up: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Final Four!! Wow it is here. We are here to break down Game 2 later tonight, Ohio State vs. Kansas. Leggggooooo…

Key Players
Ohio State: Jared Sullinger
The big man’s Ohio State’s career could end today, or they could keep playing. He could stay, but today, if he wants to keep playing, he needs to come out and play his best because he is Ohio State’s best player and without him at times, the Buckeyes have struggled. Sullinger will need to play his best ball today vs. a good Kansas defense.
Kansas Jayhawks: Thomas Robinson
Another big man that will need to keep playing like he has been. The reason Kansas has gotten so far, is because of Robinson’s playing and his leadership. Last week vs. UNC it was a all around team effort to defeat them and this week Robinson will need to play like a MVP.
Ohio State’s defense has been playing well as late, shutting down Cincinnati and Syracuse and now facing a similar offensive team in Kansas. The Buckeyes defense will need to keep playing well to shut down a dynamic Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson. 
Kansas’s defense has been playing exactly like Ohio State’s has, shutting down good teams. They are a tough defensive team with Jeff Withy and other great defenders. The Kansas defense has helped them get here and will need to play great to win today
Ohio State Buckeyes: 69 vs. Kansas Jayhawks: 66
Two great defensive teams will lead to a low scoring games and Ohio State ends up pulling it out in the end.
Good Luck to both teams!!!!

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