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Stalley – Savage Journey To The American Dream Review

1.Savage Journey – This is a great opening to Savage Journey To The American Dream. It’s real insporational. One of my favorite songs by Stalley.

 2.Petrin Hill Peonies – Has a nice soulful sample with some heavy piano in the Chorus and the Hook. Stalley keeps a blue collard with his work ethic and metaphors to Chevy’s and his city.

 3.Route 21 – One of the best on here. Softer beat really plays into Stalley’s hands.

 4.Hammers and Vogues Ft. Curren$y- This song made me bob my head as soon as the fast beat came on. Currensy really hits it on this song also. He comes on with a great feature. Stalley and Currensy are both on their king ish. Stalley saves himself from being outshined by Currensy in his Last verse.

 5.Lovers Lane Ft. Anthony Flammia – Stalley expresses how he is stuck in Lovers lane and stuck in Love. Good beat on this one. Anthony Flammia  also comes on with a pretty good Chorus.

6.Home To You Ft. Wale and Anthony Flammia – This was the last leak before the Mixtape came out. Stalley comes out with 2 straight songs about Love. Wale comes on also with a great verse. Anthony Flammia helping out a lot again on the chorus with this song.

7.Island Hopping Feat Avriel Epps – This is one of the best on this Mixtape also. Stalley creates a good verse with Avriel Epps doing work on the Chorus.

8.Cold- Stalley expresses his early life with how he is getting so big and he is getting bigger and bigger.

9.Everything New – Stalley hits it on this song and it’s fast beat gets me hyped up pretty good song. I soon found my head bobbing to this song also one of my favorites now.

10.Seen It All-  Dope song from Stalley and one of the best on the Mixtape. It tells me Stalley is gonna be on the XXL Freshman 13 list. Can’t wait!

11.Hell s Angels American Heathens Ft. Rick Ross – Stalley comes out first and just kills it. Then the beast Rick Ross comes on and makes sure it’s dead and just hits it man. Stalley and Rick Ross on the same track is really great.

12.Live At Blossom – As the Mixtape winds down to an end, Stalley hits it on another great beat song. It’s probably gonna be stuck in my head. Nah nah nah nah nah.

13.BCGMMG Remix Ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill – Meek Mill and Rick Ross come on with Stalley and create with a epic song. MAAAAAYYYYBACHHHH MUSIC!

14.Party Heart Ft. Rick Ross and 2 Chainz – Already heard on Rich Forever, but however this was alright and a great way to end a great Mixtape.


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