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Big Sean Speaks On Ludacris and Upcoming Mixtape

When speaking of the Supa Dupa Flow (which he addressed in last year’s interview with The Well Versed), Sean knows that this has been a touchy subject in hip-hop and has played a part in dividing the new era of emcees from the older artists that helped pave the way. Of course this leads to the war of words between Big Sean and Ludacris over the origination of the Supa Dupa Flow. Ludacris fired off a salvo with last year’s “Badaboom.” Although he continues to shrug off the beef, Sean admits that he was once a fan of Ludacris and now is relatively surprised to see him at odds with a rapper he grew up listening to. “It’s crazy! I remember getting a Ludacris CD in the sixth grade for Christmas. But that shows me how well I’m doing the people I used to look up to as a kid are now the competition. That’s inspiring.” … The only thing Big Sean is concerned with now is his new mixtapes and sophomore album. Since releasing his debut, Sean hasn’t put out much in terms of new music. But that’s by design and he’s ready to deliver the goods in the coming months. “I’ve just been making sure my next move is right because you can fuck it all up and I’m not about to fuck it all up. It takes time to make an album,” the Detroit emcee says. Sean reveals that a collaborative mixtape is on its way featuring two other heavy hitters in hip-hop. “We have a group mixtape coming, I’m not going to tell you with who but it is with two other big ass artists. We’re about to drop that.”


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