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First Quarter Best Albums of 2012 #9: Diggy Simmons – Unexpected Arrival

Diggy’s debut album, Unexpected Arrival is an amazing showcase of what new generation superstar power sounds like; it could easily be labeled a cultural soundtrack for the worldly minds of today’s youth.

Offering listeners a smorgasbord of subject matter, the young Jetsetter proves his album title dead-on by mixing motivational speech on cuts like the celebratory “Hello World” and triumphant “Glow In The Dark” with unflinchingly conscious dialogue as heard on “Unforgivable Blackness.”

As inspirational as Unexpected Arrival will prove to be, above all, the album is unequivocally grade-A rap.

The intro track kicks off Diggy’s 12 track debut with an inspirational message about expectations to fail, having the courage of a 1000 soldiers, following your dreams, the will to live, and the will to win to what is ultimately known as “The Arrival.”

After the proclamation of such a powerful message, the victorious track ”Hello World” will blare through your speakers with jubilant rejoices reigning from the music gods. “Hello World” is the perfect track to scream when you’re on the top of a mountain or simply feeling on top of the world.


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