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Mickey Factz – Mickey MauSe (Review)

1.Memoirs of Entry I – To Start off the mixtape Mickey Factz talks about some real motivating and pivotal shit. This intro of him speaking and talking about breaking out and becoming what everyone has expected him to become really touches home.

2.Union Square – If you ever checked his earlier promo videos, you may have hear this cut. The beat is superb and too dope. Rapping about himself and how he has built himself up and become something from absolutely nothing. Where the ending is the best of the song with the production just coming up and getting harder. Goddam

3.Hulk Hogan & Crack – Growing up in the 80’s you know how life may have been. Growing up around all around drugs and crack. Some real shit here that we all gotta break through to reach the other side.

4.Chalk – this cut about a homie that has been addicted to that Nose Candy, and got himself addicted to the shit, which then in turn alters the beat of the song to bit of a darker and harder beat than it had in the beginning. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Also never do that shit.

5.Dreams of Money – A Mickey Mouse sample lights shit up a little bit, but Mickey Factz keeps it real and to the point with some intelligent bars.

6.The Factory – I think this may be my favorite cut from the whole mixtape from Mickey. The ebat is above average, but that chorus just like soothes me, and Mickey Factz hasn’t let me down on a single verse yet on the whole tape.

7.Memoirs of Entry II – Mickey speaks to Andy Warhol. With a minute left Mickey spits to a high energized beat, and goes hard fot the whole minute.

8.Crowded – One song I don’t totally feel. It might be the beat and the production of the song. But Mickey Factz sticks to his flow and keeps it One Hundred on the verses, and saves the song from being a deleted song on the ITunes.

9.Heart<3 – Mickey raps about being love. Weird how your Heart is one of the dumbest body parts you have, and the brain is the accomplice to everything it does. Kinda fucks you up all the time.

10.3rd 3y3 – If you haven’t learned by now Mickey has some major anger toward the government and how “crack” has ruined the streets of America, and how people who have messed up can’t get out of the ditch they have dug themselves in and there is now way to come back from it.

11.Memoirs of Entry III – Memories of growing up.

12.Memorabilia – changing up that flow. Which is sick by the way. Another favorite from this tape is right here. That flow is sick.

13.Mickey MauSe – Rapping about our culture loving the chains and fame to begin the song, and then it drops the obvious line of we are all Kings and Queens. This beat has one the best production as it flips I believe Dangermouse. Mickey MauSe is here to stay and have a future.

14.Taking Pictures of Girls Naked – Getting those pics ya know…. Kidding. Mickey gets it in about taking some artistic photos of these ladies getting naked for him in front of his eyes.

15.The Art of Death – Mickey needs y’all to pray for him to help save this dying artform. Could it be sublinamal line for the death of Hip-Hop?

16.A.I.D.S – Yes a deadmau5 sample! I bump this Ghosts song all the time. It’s Mickey’s last night to party up a storm and not give a F. Y’all got to celebrate and live once in a while.
17.Memoirs of Entry IV – The character is introduced, developed, and expounded on during the mixtape through music and interludes (addressed as “Memoirs”). Granted, a few of these are extremely lengthy, and that could be one of the few legit gripes concerning it as a whole (and as you replay the project), but it still fits perfectly in the veins of what Factz was trying to accomplish with his soundtrack.

18.The Arts (Avant Garde) – There’s also the typical emcee songs present with a twist of cleverness as well; “The Arts” is an outro filled with clever bars


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