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XXL Freshman Class of 2010: Pill

Pill – Hasn’t reached the same peak he had when he released Trap Goin’ Ham. Ever since Pill reached the cover in 2010 his career been a roller coaster. Up and Down. Everyone thought he had made his break when he was introduced to MMG and had a Rick Ross cosign, with a semi-succesful mixtape released mid summer, 2011 was a good year for Pill. But then in 2012 Pill had came out and said he was never actually signed to MMG and was forced to be with them. 1 Step forward and 2 steps back.

Beats: B+
Lyrics: B
Flow: B
Dopeness: B-
MMG Catastrophic: F
Album?: D
Mixtapes: B
GPA: 2.29


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