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2012 XXL Freshman Class Recap

1. Future – Future was one of my predictions for the cover since Mid-Decemeber. As a rapper he looked down upon as a second rate never truely get the full potential. Honestly the guy isn’t half bad, (don’t look to Tony Montana though) and Astronaut Status wasn’t a bad mixtape he put out during January. Looking forward to his album coming out this summer.

2. Danny Brown – The number one artist on this list by a country mile honestly. Danny Brown had one of the best albums released last year in XXX. He could honestly be this years Kendrick Lamar or Yelawolf, his skills are unprecedented and vastly underrated good look for the man.

3. Iggy Azalea – The first female and foreign born artist to ever grace the XXL Freshman Cover. I mean I know why XXL put her on here because they needed a female artist and it was this or Kreayshawn. But I still don’t see the appeal to the homegirl. Maybe The New Classic will change it but I don’t see it happening. :datass:

4. Don Trip – Probably is tied with MGK ast he artist with the biggest song out now. Letter To My Son really propelled him up into this list. He was already in the top 20 for my predictions and was really teetering with being in the top 10 in early fall.

5. Macklemore – When nominees were released I thought no way in hell Mack could have the made the cover, but in my heart I wanted him as he is a dope MC. The face of Hip-Hop music from where I am from and is one of the best artist to ever come out of Seatlle. He is honestly what Asher Roth wants to be as an artist.

6. Kid Ink – What he has in style and appeal I dont personally see like my other writers on the blog. But some backing behind Dee Jay Ill Will and Hot New Hip Hop and a couple of a lot of Twitter Followers made Kid Ink what he is today. Hopefully we have more projects like Wheels Up instead of Daydreamer.

7. French Montana – The 1st Bad Boy artist on this years cover. French was one of my prediction this year and honestly the guy deserved a spot. Guy has some skills and has some major buzz right now. Hopefully Excuse My French isn’t as bad as I think it may be.

8. Hopsin – This guy right here! How do you all see the appeal in this guy. I know had the swag and stuff before Tyler The Creator and all, but his rhymes and punchlines are average. His flow though above average at times. Maybe that diss on Tyler got him up there? I want to see this guys future this year, and work with Danny Brown.

9. Roscoe Dash – Hmmm I thought this was a freshman class. Roscoe dropped off a major studio album back in ’09 and I bumped that shit back then but hey. This man could have everyones hook on their cuts and turn it up a bit. That voice though….

10. Machine Gun Kelly – Diddy’s pockets must be long. The 2nd Bad Boy artist on the cover, and MGK may have one of the biggest songs out there at the moment. The Lace Up movement is a good thing…. Nope can’t do it anymore can say that I like MGK here.


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