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Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius WZRD Review

1. The Arrival – Nice little intro into WZRD as the beat is smoothing and gets me excited for the rest of album.

2. High Off Life – I like the guitar beat throughout this song. Cudi gettin’ high off life on this track. This is one of the best on the Album and it’s fast song and it’s one of those ones that may get popular.

3. The Dream Time Machine – Cudi expresses how times have changed and all how he thinks how he’s living a dream. Great song. Slow Beat makes it good.

4. Love Hard – This is starting to become a rock album. I really like this one. Every time I listen to it I slowly jod my head back in forth to the rhythm of the music. Cudi releasing another great track to this dope album.

5. Live and Learn – Another guitar beat. However, Cudi expresses how he will live and learn. Someday you will live and learn the WZRD of Cudi’s ways. Dope shit on this song, he goes hard on this track as the album is halfway through.

6. Brake – One of the first ones on this album that was released by Cudi and it’s not the best on the album, Cudi could have done better.

7. Teleport 2 Me – Real good song. Another early released song from Cudi and this one is just Dope. Some times I feel like Cudi, just like what he talks about in this song. This is one of now my favorite Cudi songs, I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this track. Dope Shit.

8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Crazy cover song.  Cudi talking about where is his girl, in weird places. but you get the idea. Cudi by the way, dope ass cover mane.

9. Efflictim – This song is the deepest on the WZRD Album. It makes you think. Cudi really tells me a lot of things in this song. Deepest Rap song I have heard in a wild. If Cudi died, I would cry.

10. The Upper Room – Great song to end the WZRD Album. Everyone go buy the WZRD Album on Feb. 28!!!


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