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Malcolm Agnew Interview With FreeHRS

So, if you have heard of him, he’s a pretty good football player at Oregon State, and he is even going to be a top player to watch in the Pac-12, and even in all of college football, and we got an interview with him, his name is Malcolm Agnew. Leggggoooooo….

HD: So how has your career with football been throughout your life?

Agnew: Its been really well besides the fact of some injuries and a down season the last couple years. Definitely can’t complain.

HD: So far, how has your career been with Oregon State?

Agnew: It’s been a learning experience. I learned so much about the game of football and being a man in one season it’s incredible.

HD: Great great, What inspired you to play the game of Football??

Agnew:Seeing my older brother play. I wanted to be just like him in everything when I was younger haha. He was my inspiration.

HD: Awesome my brother’s my inspiration too. So, do you plan to go to the NFL After college, or not?

Agnew: That is my plan. I would love to achieve my dream and be one of the greats in the NFL.

HD: Awesome I’m sure a lot of Beaver fans would love to see that. Injuries effected your Freshman season last year at OSU, what do you think you can improve on to have a sucessful Sophmore season?

Agnew: Definitely need to improve mentally with blitz pickup and ball security and catching the ball. I need to become a more complete player.

HD: Great. What do you think about the new recruiting class at Oregon State?

Agnew: I’m excited for the class of 2012 to get here. There talented and will do good things for us.

HD: Alright I’m sure the Beaver fans after a down season will love the young athletes. So, you grew up in Chesterfield, Missouri, is the weather make a difference now that you play in rainy Corvallis?

Agnew: No not really. It sucks haha but doesnt effect my play.

HD: Thats good, Last question what is your favorite kind of music/arist??

Agnew: I’m a big RNB fan and I LOVE usher! Kanye is my favorite rapper though.

Thanks for reading and thanks Malcolm Agnew for the interview and we hope here at FreeHRS you will have a great Sophomore season at Oregon State!


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