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Tyga – Careless World (Album Review)

1. Careless World – “Careless World” begins with a very significant attention grabber. A heavenly female voice will immediatly catch your ear as Tyga speaks on his road to become a king. That’s where the first beat comes in and tyga starts spitting lyrics like “I can’t get caught in the streets I was taught ,Raised off anger, but it wasn’t my fault”. The production changes once more after the second hook and ends with a few inspirational words by Martin Luther King. Brilliantly executed.

2. Lil Home featuring Pharrell – We all know Pharrell, and he rarely dissapoints. On this song he sings about a man who faces distractions and needs to stay focused on his “shit”. Tyga is that man and he takes you on a journey filled with distractions, but he remains focused.

3. Muthafu*ka Up featuring Nicki Minaj – Proppd up when 1st talked about, this cut was supposed to be Tyga’s A Milli cut, and when listening to the song you can hear it with the bass the resemblence between the 2. But this goes too hard honestly, T-Raw does his thing and NICKI this is how you are suppose to be rapping! Get back to your roots Nicki! Crank This Muthafucker up.

4. Echoes Interlude – Love ya know.

5. Do It All – Another cut on the album that stands out better than the rest. T-Raw spits over a soulful beat and shines harder than almost the rest of the album. Great song by the dude.

6. I’m Gone featuring Big Sean – Soft soothing beat from the dude. He goes pretty hard about at the 1:00 mark and spits some stright truth. Big Sean comes and does his thing on this track, also with Sean you can totally see him transforming into his mentor Yeezy.

7. For The Fame featuring Chris Brown & Wynter Gordon – Tyga made a lot of fans curious when he said the song he and Chris Brown had for CW was “bigger than Deuces”. But am i the only one surprised by Wynter Gordons contribution to this song? Nonetheless the track is very radio friendly and could become a hit in the future, but as big as “Deuces”? No way. The dissapointing thing about the song is the fact Tyga is kinda pushed into the background as Brown & Gordon completly take over the record.

8. Birdman Interlude – YMCMB. 1hunnud belee dat.

9. Potty Mouth featuring Busta Rhymes – One song I did not like particuarlly very well. Up into Busta’s verse I was kinda feeling, even with the Tyler The Creator deep voice thing going, but Busta seals the deal of it being sub par. I mean Busta you used to be one of the tops back in the day but now it seems like YMCMB has almost ruined you, and oh PS. you are 0-3 since joinging the team.

10. Faded featuring Lil Wayne – Here is the follow up to the club smash hit Rack City. This song goes hard too hard. Tyga comes out like a champ on this one outshining his boss Weezy. Weezy sounding too incoherent on this one.

11. Rack City – When you hear the beginning beat to this song you know shit is about to go down. Rack City has been pumping from where I’m from since September and it hasn’t slowed down since. Great choice to rethink and out this on your album Tyga. 10 10 20’s on your titties bitch.

12. Black Crowns – Possibly the best song on Careless World. Simply because of Tyga’s mother who shares a moment with her son saying she’s beyond proud of him. I have no clue who the singer on this song is but he does a fine job. Very touching song, that’s all I can say.

13. Celebration featuring T-Pain – The song is a party type of song and it features auto-tuned vocals by BOTH Tyga & T-pain. I never understood why rappers would use auto-tune when it’s not needed, especially for when you’re rapping.

14. Far Away featuring Chris Richardson – Here is the first actual single from Tyga back in May when Careless World was supposed to drop in mid summer. This was a straight poppy song intended for the radio, but never got the love from the stations. And honestly I can see why, the hook is average and the rhymes are sub par.

15. Mystik aka Mado Kara Mieru Interlude – 3 interludes really?

16. This Is Like featuring Robin Thicke – Robin Thicke lays down an unbelivable hook and bridge, one of the best in the past couple of months honestly. Could be a good radio played song if done right by YMCMB. Tyga comes on and represents well.

17. Kings & Queens featuring Wale & Nas – Here is the cut that a lot of people are crowning the golden one on Careless World. And honestly I can’t disagree to much with everyone’s observation. Sweet hook and 2 very special guest features with Wale and Nas make this song great. One of the top cuts on the album T-Raw!

18. Let It Show featuring J. Cole – Here is the 1st song I heard after I got ahold of this album. Here’s what I thought going into the song, can Tyga hold his own to J. Cole? After the song I was quite impressed. Cole comes through and cleans up the song at the end and makes this one of the best on the whole album.

19. Love Game – This record starts off perfectly with a soft piano that will keep on being used throughout the entire song. I’ve been a fan of Tyga’s ‘ballads’ ever since i started liking his music and once again he managed to deliver. Tyga puts his heart out and he’s destined to make this messy relationship work. The longest song on the album is about the struggle in love and is very well executed, the ending is very strange though, is that dubstep i’m hearing, Tyga?

20. Lay You Down featuring Lil Wayne – It’s actually straight R&B with a guitar driven instrumental. This album is full of surprises and this record surprised me the most given the fact it’s as R&B as it can get. The strings are just crazy! I wish it was all Tyga though, Wayne was definitely not needed.

21. Light Dreams featuring Marsha Ambrosius – ends with a song that leaked a really long time ago. Little did we know back then, but the guitar driven Light Dreams f. Marsha Ambrosius fits perfectly well on this album.


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